Live shows are so much more than the music. The communication between musicians on stage and the crowd in the pit, the interaction between the musicians, the well-rehearsed moves and the spontaneous action as well as costumes, makeup, props and backdrops. The list goes on and on. If it was “only” about the music you could stay at home and listen to the songs in the quiet comfort of your living room. However, bands and audience alike thrive on those magical moments that are unique and without a match. Sometimes the memory of these moments stays with us for years to come.

The adrenaline-soaked moment when a band bursts onto the stage and the crowd erupts in a wild roar is the perfect backdrop for my work. As a concert photographer I try to capture these moments and make them available to re-live – for the bands and for the fans

Claus Rotstein is an international award-winning photographer based in Brisbane. Claus travels frequently between Australia and Europe is available for free-lance work on both continents.